New Year Resolutions I Might Actually Keep in 2019

We all know about New Years’ Resolutions. Yeah, those decisions we make at the end of December to better ourselves next year. We vow to "get fit," or "get healthy," or generally be a better, happier person in the next year.

How do those go for you? If I'm perfectly honest, my vows to "get fit" or "get healthy" usually aren’t kept. So, when I started thinking over what my resolutions were going to be for 2019, I tried to think outside of the box and apply my resolution to the one constant in my life: riding.

I resolve to get healthy and continue to be happy, and I don't know of any better medicine for my mental health than riding. It’s said that therapy is expensive, but the wind is free when you ride. I like this concept. On that note, hitting the road is far more enjoyable than hitting the gym.

So, with that, here are some riding resolutions that we can all get behind. Maybe, just maybe, these resolutions will be fun enough that we can follow through in 2019.

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