ATV Christmas gifts: What to buy the four-wheeler fan in your life

I don’t think a single person out there doesn’t like receiving a gift or two during the holiday season. When it comes to shopping for those who love riding, it can sometimes be a bit trickier than you’d expect. If they’re a motorcycle lover and enthusiast, there’s typically plenty of great motorcycle gift ideas. However, what if they ride on more than just two wheels? What if they favor the four-wheeler life and taking the road less traveled?

I’m talking about the ATV lovers out there. It’s hard enough buying a gift for a special person in your life, whether Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, or friend. But it’s even more difficult when they’re an ATV rider. What would a rider want or need?

I’ve done the research for you so that you don’t have to. Consider this my gift to you! Here’s a list of some gift ideas for ATV riders in your life.

ATV christmas list


Top-end gasket set

No one likes running into vehicle problems, and that doesn’t change when you’re an ATV rider. If you want to make sure the off-road fan in your life is always equipped with the necessary items to, say, complete a top-end rebuild of their engine, this is a great gift for them. This is especially true if they like to get their hands dirty and want to take every action to make sure that their ATV keeps riding strong. What’s not to like?


Rear mount rack kit

If you’re an ATV rider, you’re all too familiar with how quickly time passes when you’re having fun. And while that’s great and dandy, that means that you can end up in tricky situations that you might not be prepared for. However, if you come prepared, there’s no reason for you to have to stop enjoying the ride! These rear mount rack kits attach to the back of an ATV and will allow the rider to bring some important things along with them. Whether that’s water or gas, it’s useful, roomy, and efficient. Whatever they can fit and tie down gets to come along with them, and they’ll appreciate the rationality behind this gift.

ATV list ideas


Fender protectors 

You know what’s music to the ears of an ATV rider? Fender protectors! It’s practical and tons of ATV riders use them. If you do choose this gift and give it to the ATV rider in your life, it will mean you did some research and were thinking about the well-being of them and their ride. And that, my friends, means everything.  


Communication helmets 

This is the perfect gift for motorcycle riders and off-road enthusiasts too! Riding an ATV with a friend is an experience that everyone should seek out, but add in the factor of being able to communicate with each other, and you’ve just brought it to the next level. Communication helmets will let two riders have the ability to communicate r as they’re on their adventure. Whether that’s someone riding in front of you or alongside you, or a passenger behind you, it’s an awesome experience and an awesome gift.

Best ATV gift ideas


A battery jumper box 

You know what sucks? Enjoying a ride and then having your battery just die on you. Just like that, the adventure is ruined. But if you have a portable jump starter, you’re ready to handle any dead battery situation that comes your way. You shouldn’t have anything get in the way of the ride that you enjoy, and if this is a gift you give to the ATV lover in your life, they’ll greatly appreciate the thought around it.


A steering stabilizer

So, this one might potentially be a hit or miss, depending on what kind of ATV rider you’re buying for. There will be some ATV lovers that aren’t really on board for a gift like this, but an ATV enthusiast who appreciates easier riding will love this gift. This is an attachment to your steering wheel that will help stabilize the steering itself. If you know an ATV rider who just enjoys the potential ease of the ride more than anything else, this is a gift they’ll be more than happy to see in their stocking.

 the best atv christmas gift ideas

You know who this gift is for, but this list will help you get a good idea of some of the options out there, and also help you understand that there are plenty of options to consider! Gift giving is only difficult if there’s no research behind the idea but I’ve done all the research for you. You’re welcome and Happy Holidays!   


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