2019 motorcycles: The best buys  from the 2019 lineup 

A new year is quickly approaching, and while, for some, that might mean brainstorming a new resolution that they’ll never uphold, for we riders, it means a seemingly infinite amount of bike options being released onto the market. 
A new year means new bikes to drool over and dream about, regardless of whether or not we actually pull the trigger and end up purchasing one. For the most part, I usually prefer the buy pre-owned with it comes to new vs. used, and just eyeing the newest models is enough for me sometimes. The market continues to become more and more competitive, and that usually means more bike choices at more affordable prices. Anytime a new bike enters the market, a mental list is created of where exactly it ranks on the “awesome” scale. While it’s great to be passionate about any ride with two wheels, you’d be lying if you didn’t admit to having some strong favorites. And boy, have we got a list for you!

Want to see a list of the top 10 best motorcycle buys in the coming 2019 year? Take a look at the slideshow to get a view of some great bikes to look forward to, and let us know which one is your personal favorite! Here they are, in no particular order!

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