Take this quiz, and we'll come up with a fun biker nickname for you!


When it comes to being a part of the motorcycle community and culture, there’s a huge variety of important decisions you have to consider.  What kind of bike are you hoping to get, and exactly what kind of riding do you want to achieve with that bike style? Are you going to be a rider that takes every opportunity they can to travel, or someone who just prefers to ride near home with their club and friends?

You know another one of those decisions? Your nickname out on the road. 

Okay, yes, I get that that’s not the most important decision you’ll ever make. But fun is fun, so don’t deny yourself from some of it! Part of the fun of being involved in this culture is all that comes with it, and deciding on things like what to name your bike or what your own biker name should be is part of the fun of being involved in it.

Now, some clubs make it a point that YOU don’t get to decide your name. It’s something that you earn and it’s something the club gives to you. But the beauty of the culture is that every club and group is different, so while some might decide on a name most fitting for you, others will leave that freedom up to you. And if you have that freedom, it’s time to take this quiz and see what kinds of names match the vibe you’re giving us. If you love it, it’s yours! And if you hate it, then at least you’re one step closer towards knowing what you like. Have at it!  




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