Celebrity Motorcycles: Famous Motorcycle Riders Throughout Time

When it comes to motorcycle culture, many famous motorcycle riders have left an indelible mark. As I say this, I realize many of you have probably begun imagining some of the riders I may be referring to: Barry Sheene, Valentino Rossi, Mike Hailwood, John McGuinness… The list goes on. Of course, all of these men have made notable contributions to our beloved sport, but I’d like to shift the limelight a bit and bring your attention to a few celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts you might be overlooking.

For instance, what about the men whose passion for motorcycles was displayed in movies or on stage, rather than on the track? I’m talking about the famous motorcycle riders who, when they weren’t busy writing novels or starring on the silver screen, they were riding the roads on the back of an iron horse.

Compared to the riders we traditionally associate with the sport, many celebrities who ride motorcycles have been immortalized in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, others within the pages of our history textbooks. Regardless of their beginnings, however, one thing holds true for any who’ve ever ridden the iron horse: they never looked back.

For a more in-depth look at some of the celebrity motorcycle enthusiasts, and what each had to say about riding, take the quiz below. Who knows – you may have more in common with these personalities than you think!

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