Features of a Harley Favorite: The Softail Slim

For those who crave the classic Harley-Davidson cruiser aesthetic and feel I think I know just the bike for you. The Harley Softail Slim takes the vintage style and combines it with the modern edge that makes it a unique bike. This 2018 Harley is named after its narrow seat and tank section that allows smaller riders access to flat-foot stops at red lights. Gotta make sure there is something for everyone! Because of the Harley slim’s size, it is perfect for a new rider as well. The 2018 softail is 35 pounds lighter than the year before it with the benefits of a redesigned suspension.

But don’t let me go and on about how great the bike is, just check out this infographic. It details all the important things you should know about the bike, so you can know as much as possible before buying. Don’t forget to comment below and let us know how you feel about the bike and if you would ride one.

What is a Harley softail


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