Tips for Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding

I love riding, you love riding (hopefully) and any time something gets in the way of that happening, it’s frustrating. I want to experience the freedom of the air in my hair, or I guess, past my helmet. And while this time of year is a great time of riding for some, for others, it’s just not as realistic. When it comes to cold weather motorcycle riding, it’s something you have to be prepared to pull off correctly. You’ll need winter riding gear because riding a motorcycle in the winter is no easy task, and you’ll need to cruise in with the right mindset.  

If you end up having bike issues, it’s not just a matter of being stranded on the side of the road on a breezy day that’s 75 degrees and sunny. It means being stranded in the freezing cold, and that’s dangerous. If you do choose to ride in the winter, you’ll need to know how to stay warm on a motorcycle, the best practices for cold weather motorcycle riding, and keeping warm on a motorcycle. If you brave the cold and the potential safety dangers that might be involved, I want to make sure you’re as prepared as you possibly can be.

 Take a look at this video to learn how to practice safe riding during this time of year, and how to put yourself in a situation of successful and enjoyable riding when the temperatures are low.


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