Do you know these slang terms in the biker dictionary?

Biker slang has been around for a long time. Whether you’re part of an exclusive motorcycle club or have watched famous films and TV shows, some of this secret biker vernacular has undoubtedly made an impression. When you’re "in the know" on the biker lingo, it’s like you’re part of a secret society.

Whether you already have a bike or are in the market for one, it may be time that you learned to talk the talk.  Who knows, some of the lingo you learn could help get you out of a jam someday.

Brush up on some definitions within the biker dictionary. Do you consider yourself a 1%-er? Have you been to Church yet? Does the thought of a  Gremlin keep you up at night? This slideshow can serve as the answer key to our biker slang quiz, and help you decipher some of the most popular biker slang that’s out there.

Will you be able to hang with your new biker friends or do you have some more study time? We’ll help get you on the right track. 


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Ready to ride?
Whether you are looking to brush up on your biker lingo, or you’re looking to study up for this week’s quiz, here are some common terms used out on the road!
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