A Look at the Harley-Davidson WLA Motorcycle

What sounds more American than a bike dubbed “The Liberator"? Nothing, that’s what. Harley-Davidson’s The Liberator, a WLA model, was used by the United States Army during the second World War, and just 88,000 were produced before peace was declared. But, The Liberator wasn’t the only nickname it was known by; soon, people would refer to it as “the bike that won the war.”

Motorcycles were commonly used in the war by couriers, police, for escort work, as well as for scouting. To put it plainly, motorcycles were a huge component to the success of the war. In fact, these military motorcycles play a massive part in U.S. history. 

This infographic sums up specs and other interesting facts about these beautiful machines.

Harley WLA-01


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