Classic Military Motorcycles: Harley-Davidson in WWII

When it comes to classic military motorcycles, you might picture a bullet-proof, Army green war machine on two wheels carrying our rallying cry into battle. To be honest, you aren't far off with that assumption. The fact of the matter is motorcycles played a huge role in WWII and were even used in the First World War. 

Classic Harley-Davidson models with those iconic Harley engines are as much a part of American wartime history as their own timeline, and these WW2 motorcycles were actually some of the most influential models for the future of the industry. In honor of the veterans who have served their country in every generation, I want to take a look at some of the classic military motorcycles that served our country in the Second World War. First up: Harley-Davidson.

This video features rare and historic footage of WW2 motorcycles in training and in combat. If you want more military motorcycles, or to read more about Harley-Davidson's WW2 motorcycles, check out Motorcycles in the Military and Motorcycles in the Korean War. For more HD coverage, check out Harley-Davidson History, Indian Motorcycle history and leave a comment for any other topics you'd like me to cover!


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