Find the Best Motorcycle to be Your Soul Mate

“You just know.” The most prolific explanation for why a person feels the way they do about their soul mate. Johnny knew it about June, Clyde about Bonnie, and way before that, Yin and Yang had the business of perfect counterparts all figured out. But, whether you’re a believer in soul mates or not, one fact remains: your motorcycle is an extension of you.

Like many of the famous couples throughout history, you and your motorcycle are a perfect fit. You anticipate each other’s needs without err and bring out the best in one another. Maybe you’re wild and reckless, but your bike requires a gentler touch. Or, maybe you’re the softie and your bike isn’t afraid to let its freak flag fly. Whatever the case, the two of you complement each other in more ways than one, and for this reason, you’ve grown quite fond of each other.

However, for those of you who have not yet found your kindred spirit on wheels (a.k.a. your reason for riding), finding your perfect fit can be a daunting task. But, fear not, because I’ve devised a quiz that should aid you in your pursuit of one of the most pure and exhilarating loves of all time. Get ready. Your soul mate awaits...


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