Study up: The MSF BRC is a great way to get a motorcycle license

If you’re looking for resources on how to get a motorcycle license, often the first step is to take a Basic Rider Course that is hosted by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, also known as MSF. The Basic Rider Course is a key component in learning the basics of safety, the rules of the road, and, all in all, how to ride a motorcycle.

Aside from the on-cycle instruction, the Basic Rider Course incorporates a written and online exam. These exams consist of important terms, rules, and reminders that you’ll need to remember when you get a motorcycle license, as well as good practices for when you hit the road. 

While the information can sometimes seem overwhelming, the instruction offered by the Rider Coaches and the in-class instruction provides a great learning experience. Many beginner motorcycle riders talk about how invaluable the MSF course was to their learning experience, and when we talk about how to get a motorcycle license, the Basic Rider Course is always the go-to starting point.

Check out this photo slideshow that incorporates some of the instruction material you will come across in a Basic Rider Course. You have your short study guide, so the next step in how to get a motorcycle license is to enroll in the MSF Basic RiderCourse!

If you want more resources on how to get a motorcycle license or tips for beginner motorcycle riders, as always, read up on the Brain Bucket Blog!

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