One Millennial Rider's Thoughts on Motorcycling

What is it about motorcycles that makes you want to ride? Is it the freedom of the road, the fun you have, or the independence you feel from social norms? For some, it’s all of the above and more, but whatever has encouraged riders of generations past has seemed to drop off for today’s population of up-and-coming motorcyclists.

Despite the best efforts of today’s biggest motorcycle brands, Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are slow to pick up the hobby. There are many reasons given by sociologists and psychologists as to why there aren’t as many young people riding motorcycles, but a chunk of the industry is still left wondering how to spread the good word of motorcycling and encouraging others to ride.

We sat down with one Millennial rider, Sam Hawkins, to ask her view on the industry, the struggles she has faced as a young woman rider, and what it is about the motorcycle lifestyle that drives her passion for the bike-life.

If you are a young biker who wants to spread the message and encourage others to ride, leave us a comment. You could be invited to tell your story next on the Brain Bucket!


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