Sturgis, South Dakota: the humble beginnings of a famous town 

Sturgis, South Dakota has been a name that's renowned with bikers, but it wasn't always that way. The small mining town in South Dakota has seen the usual modernization that comes with the passage of time, with much of its growth and popularity due to the famous motorcycle rally that takes place there every year.

While the South Dakota area is know for it's beauty in landscape, Sturgis and Deadwood are not exactly over-populated cities. And you know what? That's part of the beauty of it. You feel like you're in on of the of the best kept secrets! But can you imagine what the area looked like at the beginning? How the town felt before technology, modernization, and any Harley lovers decided to mosey on over there? While it's always been breathtaking, there was a time where there were more animals walking the streets than people.

As with anything that involves history, it involved a lot of archival research but I was able to uncover some historical photos of the area before it became what its known as today. The popular areas that now have shops and bars lining the street used to just be an old cabin, or nothing there to begin with; The long stretch of road so many riders love riding on now used to be completely covered with flora, fauna, and the occasional lone cowboy. These pictures are beautiful, but they're also haunting in a way that only the passage of time can illustrate.

Take a look at the video below to see what was in these areas, and what is there now. Want even more photos like this? Check out the full collection in this photo slideshow.  

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