Online VIN Checks and VIN Safety: How do I know RumbleOn is safe?

We understand there’s some hesitancy that comes with selling or buying things online. When you can’t physically see the buyer or seller, it can tend to leave an unpleasant taste in your life. But RumbleOn is an option that has proven to be safe, so selling and buying online becomes the best option.

To help you feel a little more comfortable, you should know that we’re a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ (RMBL), and trust us, that’s not child's play. Only reputable and promising companies can achieve that. We’re a licensed and fully insured dealership that is just trying to make this process more comfortable for you. Still not sold? Check out our reviews on the Better Business Bureau. We have some pretty glowing reviews, so if you have faith and trust in your fellow riders' opinions, you can have confidence in us, too.

Is it safe to give out my VIN?

Ah, the question of all questions. Obviously, we’ll appear biased on this matter, but the reality is that all credible sources will tell you that it is safe to give us your VIN. It’s not like your Social Security Number. Your identity cannot be stolen from others having your VIN, and neither can the actual bike.

I mean, think about it for a second. If a VIN was a piece of very private information, why would your VIN be readily visible to the public? Anyone can walk by your bike and see your VIN. Talk about a seriously flawed way of doing things, am I right? But if you can’t take our word for it, we’re all about you conducting our own research on the matter to make you feel as comfortable as you can.

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Why do you need my VIN?

Well, you’re selling us your bike, which means we’ll be selling it once you sell it to us. Don’t you think we’d want to know the accident history of the bike, the manufacturer and building information, and the prior owners' experience with the bike? The amount of information we have on your bike and its history can help dictate the cash offer you get from us. Some riders don’t want us accessing the accident history of the bike, and if you’re not for it, that’s fine. But just as a VIN is required when selling a car, it is also required when selling your bike.  

Need the best place to sell a motorcycle online for free?

RumbleOn is the easiest way to sell a motorcycle online for fast payment. The motorcycle stays in your possession until you are paid via check or direct deposit, and we'll come pick it up for free afterwards! You can get paid as soon as same day in some cases, and we handle all the hassle!

I'm Ready to Sell or Trade!

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If you're looking for resources on how to sell a motorcycle or if you want to buy a motorcycle of your own, RumbleOn is a great resource! 

Check out the easiest place to sell a motorcycle online, and browse through one of the largest pre-owned motorcycle shops on the web!

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